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Linda P and Maxwell in OH
Our doodles are too much a part of our lives to
Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:26pm

go without for very long.

We are traveling more now, but can still find places for Maxwell to stay. He needs companionship, and can't be left home with just a couple of visits a day, so it means he has to go somewhere and play with other doggies. Really, that is good for him. We all need a "go anywhere do anything" type of dog, like was Debbie was looking for.

  • Breaking my DH down to get a newjackie&duke&delilah, Mon Jul 9 8:26am
    little girl doodle. We miss and talk about Delilah everyday.I have been seeing so many rehomes on line and think he may agree. It's not a permission thing,,,,,he says we need alone time to travel. I... more
    • Our doodles are too much a part of our lives to — Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Tue Jul 10 6:26pm
    • :)Leslie, Tue Jul 10 3:34pm
      My 2 cents...unless you want to be away for weeks and weeks at a time, I wouldn’t let owning a dog get in the way of travel or the desire to travel get in the way of having a dog. There are so many... more
    • This is how I had been feeling. AlthoughSoogee and Wally, Mon Jul 9 9:22pm
      I am disabled my feeling was the same. I had told Mort a long time ago, I didn't care if the dog got smaller and smaller, I have to have a dog. I needed a dog around me. We always went for the big... more
    • I'm with you.SD&B, Mon Jul 9 4:23pm
      I understand what he's saying, but the house just isn't the same without a doodle.
      • Your doodle can stay with usKit and Max, Mon Jul 9 6:55pm
        Maximum Dog, here, seems to get a long with most others. Your puppy can stay here when you travel!
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