Frosty Playing Fetch
Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:27pm

I got a video of Frosty playing fetch. Not bad for a 3 month old. Notice the nice give. She fetched quite a few times. She continues to improve at fetching.

    • Your little girl is a quick study! Is Frosty as soft asMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Sat Jul 14 4:15am
      she looks? Keep posting videos of her new tricks. I love to watch a well-trained dog, but it appears that we don't have any here, lol.
    • Frosty is so darn cute!!Susan, Milo & Sloan, Fri Jul 13 12:20pm
      Great ball return, too!
    • That's a great giveKit and Max, Thu Jul 12 4:02pm
      I still have t play ball with Max with two balls. Gotta get better at treating for stuff I like.
      • Start withSD&B, Thu Jul 12 4:58pm
        Start with "trade" or "give". Give a treat to trade for something he has when he is sitting or lying around. (Shove a treat right into his nose to get him to drop/give the item and then gently shove... more
    • What a cutie! (nm)jackie&duke&delilah, Thu Jul 12 8:54am
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