Look at those eyes! And that smile!
Wed Jul 11, 2018 11:35pm

Definitely tall and leggy, just like I like them! He is a handsome boy. I hope that Milo brings years of joy to your home.

Barney definitely gave me a few of those "When is she leaving?" looks, lol.

  • picsSusan, Milo & Sloan, Wed Jul 11 8:40am
    • Look at those eyes! And that smile! — SD&B, Wed Jul 11 11:35pm
    • Oh Yeah!! Another doodle joins the Zoo!!Soogee and Wally, Wed Jul 11 9:28pm
      Good for you, Sue. He is a beauty for sure. Very nice move. This is what I have been hoping for. We, The Zoo, have lost so many doodles, my own included. It feels so good to watch some of you who... more
    • excuse the groom...Susan, Milo & Sloan, Wed Jul 11 8:51am
      he was shaved down before I picked him is a shot of him with long hair at the shelter
      • He looks good both ways.Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Wed Jul 11 11:57am
        Maxwell often looks like the shaved down guy. DH thinks he looks messy, and keeps wanting Max trimmed. I like longer and fluffy. Now DH has figured out to just take Max in to the groomer himself, so... more
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