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Melissa, Roo, and Ellie
Yes, we need pictures of your new guy, Milo!
Sat Jul 14, 2018 4:24am

Congratulations, I'm so happy that you have a new doodle to love up! I bet Milo tests Sloan's patience sometimes, but baby brothers grow up and mature so all will be well eventually. Roo still mostly tolerates Ellie, but sometimes in the evening they get the zoomies and rough house together. I'll be waiting for pictures!

  • I did it!Susan, Milo & Sloan, Wed Jul 11 7:37am
    After Marlow passed away, Sloan and I were so lonely. I couldn’t stand to see her so quiet around the house. On 4th of July, I adopted a rescue pup. He is 8 months old and now things are certainly... more
    • Yes, we need pictures of your new guy, Milo! — Melissa, Roo, and Ellie, Sat Jul 14 4:24am
    • So happy for all of you!Lynne, Oodle Crew, Thu Jul 12 7:52am
      Glad to hear Milo is settling in. He is a beauty. I am glad to have been a small part of you having him and Sloan. Here's to many years of Doodle Love.
    • Milo is a beautyKit and Max, Wed Jul 11 3:42pm
      I agree, he looks like a labradoodle to me. He's built like Max and Maggie. And that adorable face. What a beaut. Lucky you, to find a keeper like that in a shelter. I bet he turns out terrific. You... more
      • Sloan is an ALDSusan, Milo & Sloan, Wed Jul 11 4:57pm
        She is doing great with him. She was so quiet after I lost Marlow that it worried me. Now she is playing which makes me happy! I think I was lucky to find him!
    • Man oh Man....did you get lucky?LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Wed Jul 11 2:06pm
      What did the shelter say about his background? Can't believe he could have been a stray. I agree, he looks very labra/goldendoodlish to me, too! Congratulations on a great rescue.
      • Milo was bought from a breeder to be a service Susan, Milo & Sloan, Wed Jul 11 2:20pm
        dog. His owner said the “victim” was beating him and Milo bit him. They dropped him st the animal shelter who released him to a rescue to evaluate. I don’t see how this guy would bite anyone! He is... more
    • picsSusan, Milo & Sloan, Wed Jul 11 8:40am
      • Great coloring !!!!!! (nm)Peggy(Rocky), Sun Jul 15 9:51pm
      • Those eyes! Be still my heart! Milo looks like aMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Sat Jul 14 4:28am
        lover, not a biter. Welcome to the Zoo, Milo!
      • Look at those eyes! And that smile!SD&B, Wed Jul 11 11:35pm
        Definitely tall and leggy, just like I like them! He is a handsome boy. I hope that Milo brings years of joy to your home. Barney definitely gave me a few of those "When is she leaving?" looks, lol.
      • Oh Yeah!! Another doodle joins the Zoo!!Soogee and Wally, Wed Jul 11 9:28pm
        Good for you, Sue. He is a beauty for sure. Very nice move. This is what I have been hoping for. We, The Zoo, have lost so many doodles, my own included. It feels so good to watch some of you who... more
      • He is adorable! Love his coloring. Welcome Milo!Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Wed Jul 11 11:55am
        And yes indeed he has that doodle look! did he have any training when you got him? We need info on his personality, antics, etc!
        • He is a smart guy!Susan, Milo & Sloan, Wed Jul 11 12:06pm
          Pretty good on the leash and has already learned to let me go out the doors first. Housebroken and a bundle of laughs! Loves playing with all toys, especially squeaky ones. He hasn’t destroyed one... more
      • He is a beauty!!!!!!!! (nm)jackie&duke&delilah, Wed Jul 11 9:45am
      • excuse the groom...Susan, Milo & Sloan, Wed Jul 11 8:51am
        he was shaved down before I picked him is a shot of him with long hair at the shelter
        • He looks good both ways.Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Wed Jul 11 11:57am
          Maxwell often looks like the shaved down guy. DH thinks he looks messy, and keeps wanting Max trimmed. I like longer and fluffy. Now DH has figured out to just take Max in to the groomer himself, so... more
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