Chewy, cat toys, mice!!!!! (nm)
Sun Aug 12, 2018 11:09am

  • Nothing came out but I would be glad toPeggy(Rocky), Sat Aug 11 6:34am
    help you out if I saw it. Did you check under fetch toys for dogs that might work.
    • Chewy, cat toys, mice!!!!! (nm) — jackie&duke&delilah, Sun Aug 12 11:09am
      • Cat toys will not stand up to Wally'sSoogee and Wally, Sun Aug 12 10:12pm
        chewing. I have never seen a dog of any size chew the way Wally chews. He can gnaw for hours at a time. He goes right through toys way before the bill comes in for it. Never have we seen such a... more
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