Soogee and Wally
Yikes! "shipping no longr available"
Sun Aug 19, 2018 11:17pm

Why, why,why do they do this? I can't get out to the store. It is not in this town and Mort won't leave me or go too far. Poo!!

  • I can't see your pictures, but is it this one?PJ, Blue and Casey, Sat Aug 18 4:25pm
    • Yikes! "shipping no longr available" — Soogee and Wally, Sun Aug 19 11:17pm
      • Found it hereMary Ann, Mon Aug 20 9:34am
        • Mary Ann--THANK YOU!! This place will send.Soogee and Wally, Tue Aug 21 10:25pm
          The other girls got the toy correct but when I logged on the page said "No longer available to ship" I have been so sad over Wally destroying his favorite toy. If I could walk I'd walk a million... more
    • YES!!! Oh Bless you for this. Wally'sSoogee and Wally, Sun Aug 19 11:13pm
      original mouse is falling apart. He loves that toy and we play 'catch' with it. He won't use any other toy. He grabs it in his mouth and shakes it violently. He bangs it against the floor and one day ... more
    • Cute! (nm)Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Sun Aug 19 8:24pm
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