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Soogee and Wally
Today 8/22/18 Wally turned 1 yr. old
Thu Aug 23, 2018 12:45am

My beautiful, sweet, affectionate, silly little guy is now one year old. We have made it through that horrible puppy first year. He is basically housebroken. We have had no accidents for over 5-6 months. He is no longer sleeping in his crate except when we go out to the doctor. He will follow Mort wherever he goes or checks on me when Mort is out or he feels alone. He greets me every morning while I am sleeping in the recliner by jumping full force on to me and sits himself right on my chest ( help, I can't breathe) What a way to wake up. He hates kibble and refuses to touch it. He will only eat canned but will only eat it about two meals in 3 days Drives us crazy. Never saw a dog that does not want to eat all the time..He's a very loved something special little goldendoodle. Happy Birthday my cuddle bunny, my little bucket of love.

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