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I hope that Wally had a fantastic birthday! (nm)
Sat Aug 25, 2018 12:09am

  • Today 8/22/18 Wally turned 1 yr. oldSoogee and Wally, Thu Aug 23 12:45am
    My beautiful, sweet, affectionate, silly little guy is now one year old. We have made it through that horrible puppy first year. He is basically housebroken. We have had no accidents for over 5-6... more
    • A year already?Kit and Max, Wed Aug 29 8:58pm
      Wow - it sure doesn't seem like that long. He's a real cutie. Don;'they just make us happy every single day?
    • I hope that Wally had a fantastic birthday! (nm) — Kelly, Mac and Roni, Sat Aug 25 12:09am
      • He did. He got himself some extraSoogee and Wally, Sat Aug 25 12:20am
        loving, as if there is such a thing. I am having trouble posting his picture and I want all of the Zoo to see him. Deb might help me out by posting for me in case I can't get it figured out. My... more
        • I would love to see new photos.Kelly, Mac and Roni, Sat Aug 25 12:51am
          Do you have any new ones on FB?
          • No, Kelly, Ihaven't been able toSoogee and Wally, Sat Aug 25 10:59pm
            post my photos. #1 My camera is broken and not yet replaced. #2 Shutterfly has changed their format and changed the way one needs to post ta third party. #3 The pictures I have was taken by my son... more
    • Wally's bdayGale T and G, Fri Aug 24 4:30pm
      Happy Birthday Wally. Soogee, I have not been around for quite awhile but am so glad to hear Wally is making your house a wonderful place. Gale
    • Wally!Marlene, Fri Aug 24 12:53pm
      Happy Birthday, you adorable doodle!
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