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Thank you all for your kind words
Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:04am

all I could do yesterday was crying. I wasn't able to eat or drink, I was afraid to throw up.
Helmut left for work crying and when he got home and saw the state I am in, he started to cry again, too. He knows Nancy, heck, she gave him the stamp of approval :-) Trust me, she is a tough one and she ran him through the paces (is this how you say it?), and he passed her exam with flying colours.
He was there when we met Nancy in Prague 4 years ago and he also came along when we visite her in her home in Colorado 2 years ago. He always told me that he could see how much she loves me. And she sure did. Her daughter told me so again last night.
I miss her so much. We often talked on the phone, I sent her gazillion letters with photos. And we were making plans for next year. She was such a fun person, always up to go places, even in her 90s. She has never been ill, never been in hospital except to give birth. She has seen the world, Japan, Australia, all over Europe, Alaska, you name it, she was there. There is nothing I could not talk to her about. But the most important thing she gave me were three words: I love you. My own mother never told me she loved me. She only loves herself and maintaing a facade to the outside world.
I would have loved to hear those words a little bit longer, you know.

  • Thank you, Lucy. Your words areSoogee and Wally, Tue Aug 28 1:04am
    very sweet and honestly brought that wet stuff to my eyes. So many times I wished I lived closer to many of you. But there are times that I am glad the distance remains. I am often a mess especially... more
    • Thank you all for your kind words — Vera, Tue Aug 28 3:04am
      • I do understand. There is nothingSoogee and Wally, Tue Aug 28 10:32pm
        in this world that is bigger or means more than an honest'I Love You'. The part of your post in answer to mine that ran my eyes full of tears was your statement..."My own mother never told me she... more
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