Woohoo! That's a big step!
Tue Aug 28, 2018 3:11am

A wonderful, grand and big step! How old is Holly now?

  • Potty trainingKaran and Holly, Tue Aug 28 12:27am
    BTW we turned the corner some time back. Holly has had no ďaccidentsĒ in the house for weeks. Access was the key. She has learned to use the dog doors!
    • Woohoo! That's a big step! — SD&B, Tue Aug 28 3:11am
      • Holly is nine months oldKaran and Holly, Tue Aug 28 11:45am
        Iím sure that being schlepped around to so many homes impeded her progress. On another note, Iím waiting on her breeder, who hasnít made up her mind whether to breed Holly or not. When I bought her I ... more
        • Holly is BEAUTIFULJeannine, Fri Nov 2 10:09am
          What type of dog is she and how big will she be?
          • Holly is a double doodle Karan and Holly, Fri Nov 2 12:26pm
            Her mother was a Goldendoodle and her father a Labradoodle. I THINK she is full grown, at 32 pounds. She got spayed last week and recovered almost immediately. Such puppy energy! She will be one year ... more
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