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Kit and Max
Max on the ferry
Wed Aug 29, 2018 5:46pm

We were in Cape May for a whole week, last week, and one day, we took Max on the Cape May-Lewes ferry over to, you guessed it, Lewes, DE. We had a great time! Max got his sea legs quickly, and spent much of the day getting treats for choosing to lie down quietly next to me, when I sat. He got lots of pats from vacationers experiencing dog-withdrawal from their own pups, and had his picture taken by me a few times and by others many more times. By the end of the day, he was all papparazzi'd out.


The horizon is crooked because the boat was rocking from side to side.

For those considering the same trip with your doodle, know beforehand that the shuttles from the ferry into town do not permit dogs, except service animals. That means you need to make other plans to get from the ferry into Cape May (about a six mile distance) or Lewes, only about a mile and a half; but it's a walk next to a highway for the first (and last, coming back) mile, which is not terribly pleasant. Once you get past that, it's nice, though. If you take your car on the ferry, it will be way more expensive, but you won't have that issue. And you will be able to do it one way on the way to somewhere else.

We had a wonderful day. Max was very good and lay down nicely while we had lunch on a lovely, Victorian porch. Did the forced marches to and from the boat in good spirit, and accepted all the attention from total strangers with grace and patience. It was a great day.

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