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I look forward
Thu Aug 30, 2018 2:56am

To hearing more about her stay. It sounds like it will be interesting. Enjoy!

  • I have fun news! Vera, I might need to pick your brainMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Wed Aug 29 10:01pm
    and ask you some questions's a girl! A German foreign exchange student named Anna is joining our household for the school year! We were contacted by the program coordinator because they... more
    • Oh how wonderful!Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Thu Aug 30 3:41pm
      We also had a German exchange student about 10 years ago. It was wonderful. I'm excited for you! And what a great adventure for Seth as well! I'd love to do it again, but DH is retired now and wants... more
      • Our first German student was also very opinionatedMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Thu Aug 30 4:30pm
        and not shy about expressing her opinion. I found it a bit startling at first, but soon came to realize she wasn't trying to be offensive or rude, she was just very blunt. Anna says she enjoys... more
        • Food and other stuffVera, Mon Sep 3 1:32pm
          you know, I would suggest she tries anything before saying she doesn't like it. I suppose this is what she will do anyway. Veggies are not that different. Beans ARE different, so she doesn't mean... more
    • ok, here is my take on thisVera, Thu Aug 30 3:02am
      she is in the US to experience American lifestyle. Let her adapt and do and eat as Americans do. Tell her it's ok to let you know if she doesn't like something. If you do cooking from scratch, it is... more
      • What a kind offer, Vera. What kind of bread?Melissa, Roo, and Ellie, Thu Aug 30 3:48am
        We live in a small town so there will be no German bakery for bread. I have a bread machine and can make bread with that. I have a recipe for an oatmeal bread and of course white bread. Anna did say... more
        • breadVera, Thu Aug 30 4:05am
          you know, just do like you always do and see what she does or says. Or take her shopping with you and ask her to pick what she likes. PB and jelly .......... so then go with it. Germans are usually... more
    • I look forward — SD&B, Thu Aug 30 2:56am
      • Interesting probably accurately describes the nextMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Thu Aug 30 3:58am
        9 months here at the Messmer household, lol. We had three boys so I don't have tons of experience with teenage girls. I don't do "girl drama" so hopefully there won't be a lot of that, but we'll do... more
        • she will be in awww about x-masVera, Mon Sep 3 1:34pm
          she hasn't seen real x-mas, trust me. She will be in awwww..... I miss American style x-mas although I have already made some changes here in Germany by putting the tree up right after Thanksgiving.... more
          • We have already talked about that!!! She LOVESMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Tue Sep 4 1:02am
            Christmas and asked if we will put up a tree. I told her we put up 3 trees and she was so happy. I told her we start decorating for Christmas in November and she said she wants to help. I love the... more
            • what's a pokey stick?Vera, Tue Sep 4 1:31am
              no idea what it is. yes, take her to Costco. She will be in awww about the package sizes. Anna's story sounds very similar to my friend's daughter. She had a similar experience as exchange student.... more
              • Vera, Pocky Sticks are a straw-shaped biscuitMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Wed Sep 5 11:00pm
                dipped in chocolate. I have never had one, but they look interesting. I found out tonight that Anna does like grilled chicken and hash brown potatoes and does not like corn. She loves zucchini bread! ... more
    • My niece and family enjoy being a host family.Kelly, Mac and Roni, Thu Aug 30 12:41am
      Their first exchange student was with them for 4 years. He was from China and attended the academy that my great-niece and great-nephew go to for all of his high school. He graduated and is now going ... more
      • It sounds like your niece and her family really had a goodMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Thu Aug 30 1:55am
        experience. It had to be a comfort to their families that their children were so welcome and felt like members of their host family. It will be a bit of an adjustment because we haven't had teens in... more
        • give her some timeVera, Mon Sep 3 1:35pm
          and the dogs will be sleeping in her bed :-)
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