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Melissa, Roo, and Ellie
What a kind offer, Vera. What kind of bread?
Thu Aug 30, 2018 3:48am

We live in a small town so there will be no German bakery for bread. I have a bread machine and can make bread with that. I have a recipe for an oatmeal bread and of course white bread. Anna did say that she does not like cheese and that she likes oatmeal with fruit for breakfast. She also said her mother is a very good cook and they cook from scratch mostly. I like to cook, but usually don't cook dinner because my husband works an evening shift and Seth and his caregiver fix dinner together or eat out. Of course, now that Anna is here I will fix dinner every night. Tonight we made spaghetti and Anna made fruit smoothies for Seth and herself. I'll have to see if she likes Nutella. It's not something I normally buy because we can take it or leave it, but I'll make sure to get some if she likes it. She said she really likes peanut butter and jelly.

Anna seems mature for her age. I basically told her that I just need her to be honest with me and like you said, if she doesn't like something she just needs to tell me. She also said she wants to experience family life in the US and she is looking forward to doing whatever we normally do. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily she interacted with Seth.

  • ok, here is my take on thisVera, Thu Aug 30 3:02am
    she is in the US to experience American lifestyle. Let her adapt and do and eat as Americans do. Tell her it's ok to let you know if she doesn't like something. If you do cooking from scratch, it is... more
    • What a kind offer, Vera. What kind of bread? — Melissa, Roo, and Ellie, Thu Aug 30 3:48am
      • breadVera, Thu Aug 30 4:05am
        you know, just do like you always do and see what she does or says. Or take her shopping with you and ask her to pick what she likes. PB and jelly .......... so then go with it. Germans are usually... more
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