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Food and other stuff
Mon Sep 3, 2018 1:32pm

you know, I would suggest she tries anything before saying she doesn't like it. I suppose this is what she will do anyway.

Veggies are not that different.
Beans ARE different, so she doesn't mean asparagus. I would think she never had green asparagus. Germans usually eat the white one, green is a specialty and not very common, but I do find it more and more in stores now. I do prefer the green, but heck, I am fully Americanized. LOL

You are doing the right thing by taking her shopping with you. Shopping in the US alone is quite the experience for her. There are no baggers in Germany, the aisles are very narrow and the stores are a lot smaller.
When I have guests, internationals or Germans, I never buy a ton of stuff before but take them with me to the store so that I can get what they like. This way I avoid tossing stuff out afterwards.

I am glad you are comfortable with Anna. Again, my offer stands. If you think there his a hic-up and need someone who knows "both sides" to help, we can skype.

You are doing a good job!
And no, Anna is not rude, she is just being German :-)
I know find Germans very rude, too. It also comes with the German language. German is not a very polite language. That's why I really don't like it. So Anna is thinking in German, then making a direct translation into English and voila ............. out comes rude/blunt English.
But she will pick up on her language skills, she will learn from you, your family and everyone she meets and trust me, in a few months you will notice a difference. I am sure of it!!!

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