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Melissa, Roo, and Ellie
We have already talked about that!!! She LOVES
Tue Sep 4, 2018 1:02am

Christmas and asked if we will put up a tree. I told her we put up 3 trees and she was so happy. I told her we start decorating for Christmas in November and she said she wants to help. I love the lights and music during the Christmas season. We will be taking her to the Yuletide Celebration which is a wonderful program of dancers and singers in beautiful dresses, the telling of The Night Before Christmas, Dancing Santas and all other sorts of wonderful Christmas entertainment. They even have a live reindeer to pet each year. She loves sweets and breads so I told her we would make lots of traditional (for our family) candies, cookies, and bread that we share with neighbors and friends. I am getting excited just typing this.

She was supposed to be able to move to our home yesterday, but our application didn't get completely processed to I will get to pick her up tomorrow after school. The program coordinator removed Anna from her host family's home and took her to her own home until she can officially be placed with us. Yesterday I did pick her up and bring her home to meet our older sons and their families and just have some family time. She seemed very relaxed with us. I think she is exhausted from 3 stressful weeks in a home that was a poor fit, having to move into the coordinator's home, and tonight she had to spend the night with another family in our town that already has a German exchange student so that Anna can go to school. The coordinator lives in another city. I can't imagine how stressful for a young girl to travel so far from home, feel homesick, bounce between 3 different homes, attend a new school, and be away from her family. We did have an exciting breakthrough yesterday!!!! I heard Anna talking to Ellie and she said, "I like you." I acted like I didn't here her.

I agree about the grocery shopping. That's what I decided we will have to do because just about everything I ask her about she says she doesn't like, but I'm not sure we're talking about the same foods. After school tomorrow we will go to the grocery store. Did you ever go to Costco when you lived in the States? I can hardly wait to take her there! They have lots of Christmas decorations starting soon. I was looking at the Costco ad and showed her a picture of Pocky Sticks because I thought they have them in Germany. I thought she might like for me to get some just because they are familiar. She said, "boring." OK, I won't be buying any Pocky Sticks, lol.

I hope she likes us as much as we already like her. She is level-headed, polite, smiles alot, and enjoyable to talk to. When I showed her her bathroom, she looked inside the shower and said, "Oh, it's so clean." I know I had a puzzled look on my face and she said the home she was placed in was very dirty. She said her mom obsesses about cleaning so it sounds like it was an unpleasant surprise to find that her host home was not very clean.

I'm probably going to drive you crazy asking questions or blathering on about our Anna. I also told her I have a very special bread I make ONLY on Christmas Eve. Never any other time of the year and she seemed excited to try it.

  • she will be in awww about x-masVera, Mon Sep 3 1:34pm
    she hasn't seen real x-mas, trust me. She will be in awwww..... I miss American style x-mas although I have already made some changes here in Germany by putting the tree up right after Thanksgiving.... more
    • We have already talked about that!!! She LOVES — Melissa, Roo, and Ellie, Tue Sep 4 1:02am
      • what's a pokey stick?Vera, Tue Sep 4 1:31am
        no idea what it is. yes, take her to Costco. She will be in awww about the package sizes. Anna's story sounds very similar to my friend's daughter. She had a similar experience as exchange student.... more
        • Vera, Pocky Sticks are a straw-shaped biscuitMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Wed Sep 5 11:00pm
          dipped in chocolate. I have never had one, but they look interesting. I found out tonight that Anna does like grilled chicken and hash brown potatoes and does not like corn. She loves zucchini bread! ... more
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