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what's a pokey stick?
Tue Sep 4, 2018 1:31am

no idea what it is.

yes, take her to Costco. She will be in awww about the package sizes.

Anna's story sounds very similar to my friend's daughter. She had a similar experience as exchange student. Her host family was not nice to her, she was being left alone the entire time, no one guided her in the beginning. So the program removed her, a coordinator took her in until they found her a new home. It was an extremely stressful time for her, but also for her family back in Germans. They were worried about their daughter. In the end it all worked out ok and she was with a great family.
Give her some time to relax and put the bad experience behind her........... I know you will.
Good for Ellie to make a new friend.
Again, don't worry about her sounding rude. She isn't. She doesn't sound like it. She is just making direct translations, but will pick up on the finer language skills as time progresses. Trust me with this.
Just keep talking to each other, even if there is stuff YOU don't like with her. Do not try to bend backwards the entire time because you will get frustrated and angry.
Let her ease into your family, let her be part of your family, see how you do things, and let HER adapt. That's why she is an exchange students. She wants to learn about a different country and how you do things.

  • We have already talked about that!!! She LOVESMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Tue Sep 4 1:02am
    Christmas and asked if we will put up a tree. I told her we put up 3 trees and she was so happy. I told her we start decorating for Christmas in November and she said she wants to help. I love the... more
    • what's a pokey stick? — Vera, Tue Sep 4 1:31am
      • Vera, Pocky Sticks are a straw-shaped biscuitMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Wed Sep 5 11:00pm
        dipped in chocolate. I have never had one, but they look interesting. I found out tonight that Anna does like grilled chicken and hash brown potatoes and does not like corn. She loves zucchini bread! ... more
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