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Soogee and Wally
Hi Jennifer, good to see your name again.
Wed Sep 5, 2018 10:47pm

I am sorry about the problems you ar4e having with Kirby. Having a dog live in to their later years is a mixed blessing. You are happy they are still with you but now they are dealing (and you as well) with the problems of old age. I don't know if this would help but there might be an alternative to having to go outside and walk steps. When Barbinca brought our new baby, Wally, to us she brought along with her a home made 'doggie litter box' but without litter in it. Se had gotten a large metal pan, rectangle with short sides on it. In that she placed two open wee-wee pads and over that, to keep it in place, an open metal grid which just fit the pan. We kept it at the back door but inside. The smell of the pads would draw the puppy, he would go in it and then walk off when done. This worked on Wally for the first month then he decided my carpeting suit him better. But, that's Wally,very independent, sort of reminds me of my older son. I thought it was very clever at the time. Baring all else it might be worth a try. Good luck with this new problem. Give Kirby a big hug from a mommy of a doodle who likes hugs so much.

  • I haven't posted in YEARS! But Kirby is getting old and in Jennifer and Kirby, Wed Sep 5 3:32pm
    pain, and I need some advice and help. I peek at your pictures occasionally, to see how all the pups are doing. :) Anyway, Kirby is 12.5 years old, doing really well, except he has arthritis in his... more
    • It sounds like it could be pain or anxiety/fear.Lori & The Two Hound Train, Thu Sep 6 8:04am
      Would you consider CBD oil? It could help in either case. I have researched a few brands and like Pet Releaf. I reached out to their customer service via email and was given recommendations for each... more
      • We are in Colorado. ;)Jennifer, Thu Sep 6 8:55am
        I actually didnít think about CBD for him, but that might be worth a shot. Itís defintrly anxiety related. And honestly, I wouldnít be surprised about some dementia...
    • Hi Jennifer, good to see your name again. — Soogee and Wally, Wed Sep 5 10:47pm
      • :) He's a good old dog. Jennifer and Kirby, Wed Sep 5 10:55pm
        I enjoy the old dog, honestly, so sweet and loving...but yes, watching him in pain is hard! Thanks for the idea of how to make that work...the grate is a really good idea! We have to keep it outside... more
    • Can youSD&B, Wed Sep 5 3:55pm
      Build a nice long ramp? We built one for Frosty, our puppy, to protect her hips for the first couple of months as she's growing.
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