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Wally’s mouse
Thu Sep 6, 2018 12:44am

I do not want to drive you crazy, so I will confess. I am glad that he received it. They were supposed to include a note. Has he destroyed it yet? 😂

  • Will the Real Secret gift giver pleaseSoogee and Wally, Wed Sep 5 3:51am
    stand up. Help! Wally and I are in receipt of the gray, stuffed, soft squeaking mouse-like toy with the rope tail. This is Wally's very best favorite toy, I have asked The Zoo if anyone knows this... more
    • Having heard about the wonders of Wally's Mouse, Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Sat Sep 8 1:47pm
      I decided to order one for Maxwell. His interest in toys is not as great as Bear's was. As a result he is harder to entertain on a day like today when it is raining heavily here. Anything new would... more
      • Oddly enough, Waly is our only dogSoogee and Wally, Tue Sep 18 12:26am
        that is crazy over soft toys. He goes all over the house squeaking one of them. Nutmeg loved the soft toys but not for playing with. She used them like a pacifier and just held them in her mouth... more
    • Wally’s mouse — Kelly, Mac and Roni, Thu Sep 6 12:44am
      • YAY! It was driving ME crazy too. With the crazyKate and her "Y" Girls, Fri Sep 7 2:11pm
        stuff going on in my life, I know I did extensive searching for it...searched for a bunch of other stuff, made notes etc. So I thought "did I actually get the toy" and forgot? Where on earth did you... more
        • Wally’s new toyKelly, Mac and Roni, Fri Sep 7 8:01pm
          LOL! The mystery is solved. I bought it from Bark Shop. The mouse’s name is Moody Maurice.
      • Ah Kelly...I am speechless. WhatSoogee and Wally, Thu Sep 6 4:31am
        a chase I have been on. Not your fault. If they were suppose to send info on who ordered it for us and they did't, such bad customer service. Thank you, thank you, Wally is loving his mouse. He saw... more
    • Wally's new toyKate and her "Y" Girls, Wed Sep 5 3:38pm
      When I saw your post, I called you right away and had a nice chat with Mort. When you posted that you were desperately looking for one, I searched like crazy for one and now I wonder if I did in fact ... more
      • Kate, can you send me your emailSoogee and Wally, Wed Sep 5 10:16pm
        address? If memory serves (after this past birthday I am not too sure about my memory either). I think I saw an email address on one of the papers that was not mine. Please send me your email address ... more
        • I"ve made my one and only email clickable.Kate and her "Y" girls, Fri Sep 7 2:12pm
          I had a great chat with Mort when I called the other day!
          • I'm glad you did, Mort said he enjoyedSoogee and Wally, Fri Sep 7 11:37pm
            talking to you as well. Too bad I missed that conversation...but nature called. I owe you a phone call. Perhaps next week. For some reason I can't seem to catch up on things. The heat really gets to... more
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