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Soogee and Wally
Ah Kelly...I am speechless. What
Thu Sep 6, 2018 4:31am

a chase I have been on. Not your fault. If they were suppose to send info on who ordered it for us and they did't, such bad customer service. Thank you, thank you, Wally is loving his mouse. He saw Mort toss it into the garbage and he was very upset. When this new one came in he must have thought it was magic. Not destroyed yet but he's working on it. He loves squeaking it all over the house. Then he beats it up by pounding it on the floor. Then he flings it all over the room then finally rolls on his back, toy in his mouth, squeaking. If he thinks we will take it away(we won;t) he will run into his soft travel crate because he knows we won't touch it there unless it's an emergency. Smart dog. Kelly, thank you so very much. You have made both Wally and myself very happy. So very thoughtful. Keep the pup happy. Now if you can get him to eat his food. He will chew on everything but not his food. He wants mine. hank you, Kelly, Wally is very happy again.

  • Wally’s mouseKelly, Mac and Roni, Thu Sep 6 12:44am
    I do not want to drive you crazy, so I will confess. I am glad that he received it. They were supposed to include a note. Has he destroyed it yet? 😂
    • YAY! It was driving ME crazy too. With the crazyKate and her "Y" Girls, Fri Sep 7 2:11pm
      stuff going on in my life, I know I did extensive searching for it...searched for a bunch of other stuff, made notes etc. So I thought "did I actually get the toy" and forgot? Where on earth did you... more
      • Wally’s new toyKelly, Mac and Roni, Fri Sep 7 8:01pm
        LOL! The mystery is solved. I bought it from Bark Shop. The mouse’s name is Moody Maurice.
    • Ah Kelly...I am speechless. What — Soogee and Wally, Thu Sep 6 4:31am
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