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sorry to hear about Kirby
Fri Sep 7, 2018 1:56pm

can you build him a ramp?

  • I haven't posted in YEARS! But Kirby is getting old and in Jennifer and Kirby, Wed Sep 5 3:32pm
    pain, and I need some advice and help. I peek at your pictures occasionally, to see how all the pups are doing. :) Anyway, Kirby is 12.5 years old, doing really well, except he has arthritis in his... more
    • sorry to hear about Kirby — Vera, Fri Sep 7 1:56pm
    • It sounds like it could be pain or anxiety/fear.Lori & The Two Hound Train, Thu Sep 6 8:04am
      Would you consider CBD oil? It could help in either case. I have researched a few brands and like Pet Releaf. I reached out to their customer service via email and was given recommendations for each... more
      • We are in Colorado. ;)Jennifer, Thu Sep 6 8:55am
        I actually didnít think about CBD for him, but that might be worth a shot. Itís defintrly anxiety related. And honestly, I wouldnít be surprised about some dementia...
    • Hi Jennifer, good to see your name again.Soogee and Wally, Wed Sep 5 10:47pm
      I am sorry about the problems you ar4e having with Kirby. Having a dog live in to their later years is a mixed blessing. You are happy they are still with you but now they are dealing (and you as... more
      • :) He's a good old dog. Jennifer and Kirby, Wed Sep 5 10:55pm
        I enjoy the old dog, honestly, so sweet and loving...but yes, watching him in pain is hard! Thanks for the idea of how to make that work...the grate is a really good idea! We have to keep it outside... more
    • Can youSD&B, Wed Sep 5 3:55pm
      Build a nice long ramp? We built one for Frosty, our puppy, to protect her hips for the first couple of months as she's growing.
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