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Melissa, Roo, and Ellie
Vera is a wise woman! She has given me some advice
Fri Sep 7, 2018 6:16pm

about living with our new German exchange student and advised us not to go out of our way or do things differently because she is here. Vera said it's better to live as we normally do and Anna will learn to adapt and become part of a new family. Tonight I decided to make chicken and dumplings for supper and decided to make them from scratch because I thought that's probably how Anna's mom makes them. After I made the dough and rolled it out Anna says, "We just buy ours."

Lol, Vera is totally right. It's going to just be life as usual around here! I can go back to buying my frozen egg dumplings if I want to!

Everything is going very well. Anna is sweet young lady and says her friends at school have noticed that she seems happy and laughs now. She spends time just hanging out with us and spends little time in her room which is wonderful.

    • I am happy for you and AnnaVera, Mon Sep 10 5:48am
      I am happy that things are working out. You can get everything frozen, in cans and such in Germany, too. Why? Because it's convenient. Really, just do like you usually do and you will be fine. Again, ... more
    • Wise indeed! (nm)Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Sat Sep 8 1:46pm
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