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Sat Sep 8, 2018 8:06pm

Years ago, I was active in this discussion group. But my 2 doods -- Molly and Yankee -- passed away at the age of 14. Since then I got a Great Dane. Way back then -- 10 years or so? -- someone on this forum recommended using limestone for the top surface of a dog run. Have never heard of recommendations for it or against it since then. But we did spread crushed limestone when we built our large fenced dog run. Never used the dog run much for the doods, but it has worked great for this big Dane! Her horse-sized poops decompose quickly, and there's no tracking of mud or poop into the house. She's not left out there for long periods, instead just to do her business, else the crushed rock would likely irritate paw pads. So my question is: Has anyone else used crushed limestone?

    • I don't think so, SD&B, Tue Sep 11 3:37am
      but when I lived in the Phoenix area, many used rock for yards instead of grass. I can't really remember, but I think ours might have been a 1" crushed granite. Here in the mountains, we use cinders, ... more
      • and our doods would always manage to walk in a muddy area. I like the crushed rock because the dogs aren't tracking dirty paws into the house every time! Gravel or anything else would've been a lot... more
        • The crushed rock SD&B, Tue Sep 11 10:34pm
          sure does help prevent tracking mud in the house. We love our cinder covered yard. Let us know if you find out that limestone is better in some way for dog runs than other gravel/rock.
          • My theory is that crushed limestone mmason, Wed Sep 12 9:54am
            should hasten decomposition, since powdered lime is often used for that. But I don't know anyone who has gravel, etc., to compare it to. I can say my Dane's large poop piles break down pretty fast... more
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