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The crushed rock
Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:34pm

sure does help prevent tracking mud in the house. We love our cinder covered yard.

Let us know if you find out that limestone is better in some way for dog runs than other gravel/rock.

  • and our doods would always manage to walk in a muddy area. I like the crushed rock because the dogs aren't tracking dirty paws into the house every time! Gravel or anything else would've been a lot... more
    • The crushed rock — SD&B, Tue Sep 11 10:34pm
      • My theory is that crushed limestone mmason, Wed Sep 12 9:54am
        should hasten decomposition, since powdered lime is often used for that. But I don't know anyone who has gravel, etc., to compare it to. I can say my Dane's large poop piles break down pretty fast... more
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