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he sure enjoyed whatever he did (nm)
Mon Sep 24, 2018 12:58pm

  • Melt your heartKit and Max, Sun Sep 23 1:56pm
    Max specializes in coming over, probably right after he's done something he thinks I think he shouldn't, and putting his head on my lap, and gazing up at me with adoring eyes. In this way, I know to... more
    • I am so happy you found a beautifuljackie&duke&delilah, Tue Sep 25 10:06am
      boy. Travis is happy in Heaven.
      • It's funnyKit and Max, Tue Sep 25 6:13pm
        We all call him Travis every once in a while. And interestingly, so does Merlin, the parrot. They have very much the same laid back vibe, although Max is a two year old puppy and Travis was old... more
    • he sure enjoyed whatever he did (nm) — Vera, Mon Sep 24 12:58pm
    • A doodle face if ever there was one.Soogee and Wally, Sun Sep 23 10:50pm
      What a wonderful photo. When I look into Wally's face and he is right in my face I feel like I could give him anything, forgive anything. Such wonderful dogs, good or bad.
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