Great News!
Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:05pm

Oh she is adorable. How much fun it will be to watch the two of them cavort! Two pups at the same time is ( I hear) too much for many people to do well, but If any one is able to manage its you! Im thrilled for you. It will be so much fun watching them grow. Hope Barney can enjoy them from a distance...

  • Introducing Icy!SD&B, Fri Sep 21 12:11am
    We liked that Sundog and Barney were only a month apart and grew up as friends. We decided that Frosty needs a companion too. I figure that we will just get all of the puppy stuff done at once,... more
    • She isn beautiful... don't give me ideas.laurie rufus and stella, Sun Sep 30 10:26am
      Salty might need a pal soon. He just turned 6 months and getting all the puppy stuff done at once would be a good idea.
    • Wowza!Anne-Marie +Mira, Thu Sep 27 11:15am
      Great news deb! You will have your hands full, but they will be best buddies and tire each other out. And leave poor Barney alone to do his thing! Congrats, she is adorable!
    • Great News! — Laurie+Tru, Mon Sep 24 1:05pm
      • Ha, ha! I didn't say I could do it well.SD&B, Mon Sep 24 2:29pm
        Barney is enjoying that Frosty doesn't want him to play, lol. And, yet, he has company that he doesn't have to participate in. I think he likes it. :) Frosty loves her new toy, lol.
    • How beautiful!Karan and Holly, Sun Sep 23 12:18am
      Boy raising a puppy has been a real challenge for me - totally forgot how much work they are! Good luck! Shes so cute!
    • OMG!! I am so excited for you! Icy is a beauty andMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Sat Sep 22 11:18pm
      I'm sure Frosty is thrilled to have a partner in crime, lol. Barney, Roo feels you pain. We have been wondering if Ellie needs a pup because she wants to play so badly and Roo just wants to chill. I... more
    • Oh my goodness....LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Sat Sep 22 8:40am
      how precious can you get! What a switch from your black doggies!!! Is she an Annabelle doodle as well? I love her fce. Look at those eyes!! You are in for a very good time!
      • YesSD&B, Sat Sep 22 5:22pm
        She is another Annabelle Doodle. She is a half sister to Frosty from the same Dad. We would have loved another black doodle, but it just didn't work out that way.
    • Oh, you little secret holder. You neverSoogee and Wally, Fri Sep 21 9:20pm
      let on that I know. This is wonderful. I am so happy to see new dogs coming on to The Zoo. How wonderful for you and the other dogs. Things move forward and it's nice to see that you are keeping the... more
    • How wonderful! Another girl! What a beauty! Soft coat!Linda P and Maxwell in OH, Fri Sep 21 12:54am
      What size will she be? About the same as Frosty?
      • She will beSD&B, Fri Sep 21 1:48am
        A bit smaller than Frosty. She's supposed to be around 27'ish pounds, whereas Frosty should be about 32-35 pounds. Barney is about 30 pounds so there should be less than a 10 pound range for all of... more
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