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Kit and Max
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Wed Sep 26, 2018 2:03pm

Well, Max had a a bath and got groomed today. You'd never know it to look at him. I would love to have a picture of him looking all clean, but when I let him out in the yard to take care of his business, he immediately crudded up again. Seriously! He rolled in as many mud patches as he could find. I had to wipe him down with a wet towel when he came in. It was covered with dirt in two seconds. The cute little bandanna - mud colored. Of course, it's been raining here for weeks, so we're at no loss for mud, and it looks like Max covered himself with every bit of it he could find. He was clean, in my presence, for less than five minutes. Sigh. Well, it's better than last time, when we'd been dry for a while, so when he couldn't find mud to roll in, he made some! Boys!

    • raining so much. I try to keep Rocky clean but it's nearly impossible.
    • Dang it, Max!SD&B, Thu Sep 27 12:34am
      Stay clean long enough for your Mom to get a good picture. We love your pictures. I bet he was super cute for those 5 minutes.
    • LOL, Sounds about right. Next timeSoogee and Wally, Thu Sep 27 12:09am
      have your camera ready po when he decided that a mud bath is what is missing you can look a this picture when he was clean. Find the stinkiest mud to roll in and parade around.
    • I feel your pain! (nm)Shelley - Willow Grace, Wed Sep 26 3:42pm
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