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Aw. Love seeing Holly Golightly in the header
Thu Sep 27, 2018 1:58pm

She is bigger now... will try and post current pictures.

I am going round and round with her breeder though. You may remember that I signed a provisional contract, as the breeder was not sure if she wanted to breed Holly - at which point I would become a guardian (and get back most of her purchase price.) Bel Cuore, the breeder, was supposed to let me know by the time Holly was 6 months old, so I could make arrangements to spay her.
Holly is now 9 months old and the breeder is still on the fence.

    • She is quite the beauty!SD&B, Fri Sep 28 4:05am
      I wouldn't like being in limbo like that either. I hope you find out the breeding/guardianship decision soon. I'm looking forward to future pictures of the beautiful Holly.
    • First, I am so happy you are lookingSoogee and Wally, Thu Sep 27 11:00pm
      to acquire another doodle. These dogs are just, as I call Wally, Love Buckets. There is something wrong for a person who knows how much another person wants her dog but continues to sit in the fence... more
      • Holly is mine, regardless...Karan and Holly, Thu Sep 27 11:57pm
        I just donít know if it will be as a guardian home situation or not. In a guardianship, you keep the dog and when she comes in heat, she is bred by the breeder. Then when she is ready to deliver, she ... more
        • Thank you...that was informationSoogee and Wally, Fri Sep 28 10:42pm
          that I did not know. I agree that dog people are the best. Years ago when Doc was young and I was in horrible pain, there were a number of Doodle girls that said they would come and get I was ... more
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