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Soogee and Wally
First, I am so happy you are looking
Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:00pm

to acquire another doodle. These dogs are just, as I call Wally, Love Buckets. There is something wrong for a person who knows how much another person wants her dog but continues to sit in the fence about getting back to her on the issue. If that were me I would be past biting my nails (no, I don't bite my nails) and would be gnawing on my knuckles by now. Give her a call. It sounds as if she is sitting on the fence and can't make up her mind to keep or give her dog. That has got to be terrible for you, waiting all this time and still not getting an answer. You might consider looking in a different direction. I can see her giving her to you and knocking on your door over and over with one thing after another, issue after issue. Better think of changing your phone number. Good Luck no matter which path you walk.

  • Aw. Love seeing Holly Golightly in the headerKaran and Holly, Thu Sep 27 1:58pm
    She is bigger now... will try and post current pictures. I am going round and round with her breeder though. You may remember that I signed a provisional contract, as the breeder was not sure if she... more
    • She is quite the beauty!SD&B, Fri Sep 28 4:05am
      I wouldn't like being in limbo like that either. I hope you find out the breeding/guardianship decision soon. I'm looking forward to future pictures of the beautiful Holly.
    • First, I am so happy you are looking — Soogee and Wally, Thu Sep 27 11:00pm
      • Holly is mine, regardless...Karan and Holly, Thu Sep 27 11:57pm
        I just donít know if it will be as a guardian home situation or not. In a guardianship, you keep the dog and when she comes in heat, she is bred by the breeder. Then when she is ready to deliver, she ... more
        • Thank you...that was informationSoogee and Wally, Fri Sep 28 10:42pm
          that I did not know. I agree that dog people are the best. Years ago when Doc was young and I was in horrible pain, there were a number of Doodle girls that said they would come and get I was ... more
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