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Holly is mine, regardless...
Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:57pm

I just donít know if it will be as a guardian home situation or not.
In a guardianship, you keep the dog and when she comes in heat, she is bred by the breeder. Then when she is ready to deliver, she stays with the breeder until puppies are weaned. After three litters, the dog is yours for good.
The advantages are that you get a doodle almost free, and you always have a place to board the dog if you need to go out of town. The disadvantages are that you have to deal with the dog being in heat, and taking her to all the vet appointments during pregnancy (which the breeder pays for.)
So Holly IS mine, and will be my only dog - gosh, Iím having enough trouble handling one puppy, especially since I am still somewhat disabled from my accident. There was a time I thought I might have to rehome her (or give her back to breeder) but all my wonderful dog friends - from the Therapy Dog organization that I am in - stepped up and cared for her until I was at least on my feet. Dog people are the best!

  • First, I am so happy you are lookingSoogee and Wally, Thu Sep 27 11:00pm
    to acquire another doodle. These dogs are just, as I call Wally, Love Buckets. There is something wrong for a person who knows how much another person wants her dog but continues to sit in the fence... more
    • Holly is mine, regardless... — Karan and Holly, Thu Sep 27 11:57pm
      • Thank you...that was informationSoogee and Wally, Fri Sep 28 10:42pm
        that I did not know. I agree that dog people are the best. Years ago when Doc was young and I was in horrible pain, there were a number of Doodle girls that said they would come and get I was ... more
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