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Aw, he is such a cutie!
Mon Oct 1, 2018 6:23pm

You will love looking at these pictures later. They are a treasure to keep of such a beautiful boy.

  • a few VERY NICE pictures of JoeyVera, Mon Oct 1 3:29am
    We got a few very good pictures of Joey. He hates his picture taken. And often we only take snapshots with our phones. But yesterday we took the big camera with us. I am so happy to have some really... more
    • These are great,Vera. Love hisSoogee and Wally, Tue Oct 2 12:21am
      muddy brown eyes. He doesn't seem to be camera shy in these pictures. Really good shots. What kind of camera are you using? I need a new one but I don't need too fancy. Give Joey a big hug for me... more
      • cameraVera, Tue Oct 2 2:55am
        Helmut was using my old Canon Rebel XT. We dug it up this past weekend. I am not using it any more because it is way to heavy to haul the camera and the lenses around. Helmut kept talking about... more
    • Aw, he is such a cutie! — SD&B, Mon Oct 1 6:23pm
    • What a cutieMary Ann, Mon Oct 1 2:45pm
      Great pictures! He is adorable.
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