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Thank you Vicki, i remember you
Sat Oct 6, 2018 12:31pm

Vicky, thanks so much. Yes we met at the long ago doodle romps. I see that you still have 5 Z's, but some of the names are new to me. How are are the ones you have now? I think the names Zemo and Zinnia are new to me. My Z, Zebedee is an 8 year old black Goldendoodle.

  • Oh, Sue, I remember when you first gotVicki Zoe Zinc Zed Zemo&Zinnia, Wed Oct 3 10:45am
    Moses and all his trials and tribulations. Bless your heart! I had the pleasure of meeting you and Moses. He was as gorgeous outside as inside. You were an amazing team, both lucky to have found each ... more
    • Thank you Vicki, i remember you — Sue, Zebedee, Doria, Benzi, Dabi, Sat Oct 6 12:31pm
      • Hi Sue, I noticed you had a "Z" doodle too.Vicki Zoe Zinc Zed Zemo&Zinnia, Sat Oct 6 7:28pm
        Yes, I have lost Zip, Zeus, Zooter and Tumbler( a 12 yr old foster from IDOG we kept) Zinc and Zoe are both going to we 14 years old in less than a month. Zed is an IDOG foster that stayed too. Zemo... more
        • I remembered Zinc and Zoe.Sue, Zebedee, Doria, Benzi, Dabi, Sat Oct 6 9:56pm
          That is so wonderful that they are doing well at almost 14 years old. Moses was similar in age to them. Are they gray too?He would have turned 14 on Nov 18th. Different groups still do romps. I... more
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