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I am so very sorry!
Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:33am

It is so hard to lose our dogs who have been with us for so long. I lost Marlow in May and was devastated. I have Sloan who is 9 now and adopted Milo in July. He is 11 months old. Big hugs to you and the rest of your gang!

  • Moses has gone to the rainbow BridgeSue, Zebedee, Doria, Benzi, Dabi, Mon Oct 1 11:01pm
    I have not posted here in a very long time.I began my doodle journey here 12 1/2 years ago and I wanted to let those who I knew from years ago about Moses passing. My first puppy mill rescue Moses... more
    • Iím so, so sorry for your loss. Moses Jeannine, Sun Oct 14 10:14pm
      Sounds like an amazing dog and I know how much he will be missed. I lost my 12 yr old doodle in May and I still think of her every day. Hugs. In your own time, it will get better.
    • So sorry for your loss. I rememberKathy (from WI), Thu Oct 11 7:29am
      your story from so long ago. I remember how you persevered through the challenges with him. It sounds like all of your love was not in vainóseems an angel emerged. I hope you write a book about him,... more
      • I remember you. You sent be belly bands Sue, Zebedee, Doria, Benzi, Dabi, Thu Oct 11 3:00pm
        that you made by hand, You had asked for his measurements. It took 2 years to housebreak him. I always appreciated your kindness and effort. He chewed them off, but i still felt so much gratitude to... more
    • I am so very sorry! — Susan, Milo & Sloan, Wed Oct 10 6:33am
    • Iím so sorry SueLeslie, Tue Oct 9 10:55pm
      Moses was truly an amazing dog. He lived a long life but itís never long enough. Iím so very sorry for your loss.
    • I am so sorry.Shelley - Willow Grace, Thu Oct 4 7:54pm
      How blessed you were to have found each other. He indeed was a special dog. Bless him and you for bringing so much joy and peace to others over the years.
    • I am so sorry about Moses...laurie rufus and stella, Thu Oct 4 3:26pm
      So many of us "old timers" have lost our beloved doodles. That is how I felt about my Rufus who has been gone a year in November and then Stella 6 months later, both to cancer. Our doods will always... more
      • so sorry for your loss of both your doodles.Sue, Zebedee, Doria, Benzi, Dabi, Tue Oct 9 12:43pm
        That is so hard..... to lost both the same years. I constantly worry about my doodle, zebedee, I have now who is 8 years old. How old are were your doodles when they died. Cancer in pets is way too... more
        • Rufus had just turned 12...laurie rufus and stella, Wed Oct 10 7:18pm
          and Stella was 10. Stella's cancer was fast. She was always the picture of health, we though she would live to a ripe old age. We have do have a new addition to our family. "Salty" is our 7 month old ... more
    • Oh, Sue, I remember when you first gotVicki Zoe Zinc Zed Zemo&Zinnia, Wed Oct 3 10:45am
      Moses and all his trials and tribulations. Bless your heart! I had the pleasure of meeting you and Moses. He was as gorgeous outside as inside. You were an amazing team, both lucky to have found each ... more
      • Thank you Vicki, i remember youSue, Zebedee, Doria, Benzi, Dabi, Sat Oct 6 12:31pm
        Vicky, thanks so much. Yes we met at the long ago doodle romps. I see that you still have 5 Z's, but some of the names are new to me. How are are the ones you have now? I think the names Zemo and... more
        • Hi Sue, I noticed you had a "Z" doodle too.Vicki Zoe Zinc Zed Zemo&Zinnia, Sat Oct 6 7:28pm
          Yes, I have lost Zip, Zeus, Zooter and Tumbler( a 12 yr old foster from IDOG we kept) Zinc and Zoe are both going to we 14 years old in less than a month. Zed is an IDOG foster that stayed too. Zemo... more
          • I remembered Zinc and Zoe.Sue, Zebedee, Doria, Benzi, Dabi, Sat Oct 6 9:56pm
            That is so wonderful that they are doing well at almost 14 years old. Moses was similar in age to them. Are they gray too?He would have turned 14 on Nov 18th. Different groups still do romps. I... more
    • I am so sorry & Link to the Book about MosesLinda & Teddy, Wed Oct 3 1:55am
      Sue, I remember you and Moses well. I am so very sorry. I know how hard it is to lose a doodle who is so deep in your heart. I lost my sweet girl (Teddy) in 2012. No matter how much time we have with ... more
      • Linda, I remember you.Sue, Zebedee, Doria, Benzi, Dabi, Sat Oct 6 12:36pm
        Thank you so very much. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your very sweet girl Teddy. Thank you for reading the book about Moses. Do you have any dogs at this time?
    • Oh those golden doodlesKit and Max, Tue Oct 2 4:57pm
      My heart breaks for you because I understand your loss so well. Moses sounds like a wonderful, large-souled dog. I know how you'll miss him. And also how, in some ways, he'll always be with you.
    • Dearest Sue. Without Moses, Read to a Dogjackie&duke&delilah, Tue Oct 2 10:36am
      at the Neptune Library never would have happened. He was a pillow for so many kids. He got non-readers to read and children afraid of dogs to hug him. He was one in a million!I hope he and Delilah... more
      • Re: Dearest Sue. Without Moses, Read to a DogSue, Zebedee, Doria, Benzi, Dabi, Tue Oct 2 12:05pm
        Jackie, Thank you so very much for your kind words. I also thank you for requesting Moses at the library and therefore giving him one of his favorite places to be for so many years. Because of you he ... more
    • I remember you and Moses quite well.Soogee and Wally, Tue Oct 2 3:07am
      I appreciate you coming on line and letting us old Zoo folks know about Moses. You should remember me as I had Doc, the Sage of The Zoo. We lost Doc in April, 2014, just 1 week before his 10th... more
      • Re: I remember you and Moses quite well.Sue, Zebedee, Doria, Benzi, Dabi, Tue Oct 2 12:07pm
        Soogee, of course I know you and remember handsome Doc very well. You still send me Birthday cards and I so appreciate it.
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