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laurie rufus and stella
Rufus had just turned 12...
Wed Oct 10, 2018 7:18pm

and Stella was 10. Stella's cancer was fast. She was always the picture of health, we though she would live to a ripe old age. We have do have a new addition to our family. "Salty" is our 7 month old aussidoodle. We couldn't imagine life without a doodle dog we didn't wait vary long. I will have to post his picture. I haven't even announced him officially.

  • so sorry for your loss of both your doodles.Sue, Zebedee, Doria, Benzi, Dabi, Tue Oct 9 12:43pm
    That is so hard..... to lost both the same years. I constantly worry about my doodle, zebedee, I have now who is 8 years old. How old are were your doodles when they died. Cancer in pets is way too... more
    • Rufus had just turned 12... — laurie rufus and stella, Wed Oct 10 7:18pm
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