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laurie rufus and stella
VPI or Trupanion?
Wed Oct 10, 2018 8:01pm

forgive me I must have asked same question months ago. Also..... I never officially shared the happy news on the zoo. We have a new addition who just turned 7 months. We have had him since May 4. If anyone can post some pics for me I will send them to you. His name is "Salty" and he is an aussidoodle

    • I love Healthy Paws. They have paid out so much.Sue, Zebedee, Doria, Benzi, Dabi, Fri Oct 12 1:16pm
      They have no limits about amount of payout. They pay you really fast and sending in claims is so easy. I have had VPI , Nationwide is what it is now called. Unless you get their most expensive plan... more
    • We have Petplan.Lisa Reagan and Palmer, Thu Oct 11 5:41pm
      I have a super plan, it has no yearly limit and covers 80%. I have a 300 deductible. It is very pricy now that the doodles are turning 14 and 12yrs.
    • We chose TrupanionSD&B, Thu Oct 11 2:37pm
      For Frosty and Icy.
    • Trupanion for sure. Much better coverage,Ellen and Remy, Wed Oct 10 11:53pm
      very good service, lower premiums. We’ve been very happy with the company. Luckily, we haven’t had any terrible illnesses with Remy who is now 13 and still quite active. Congratulations on the new... more
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