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Soogee. it is such a coincidence
Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:34am

that you gave me that beautiful butterfly mug. I am raising Monarch butterfly caterpillers for the first time this year. I have them in a butterfly cube. Feeding them milkweed and now the fifth on is spinning her chrysalis. Hope they emerge soon cause its getting cooler!

    • MonarchsRasmussen, Sat Oct 13 10:18am
      I live in the Bay Area of Northern Ca. My garden is rich with milkweed, both Asc. fascicularis and speciosa. I had ONE Monarch visitor this year, just a few weeks ago. Was it something I said or did, ... more
    • I released 24 Monarchs this year.Kelly, Mac and Roni, Fri Oct 12 7:18am
      They are so beautiful.
      • Where do you live? Monarch sites say thejackie&duke&delilah, Sat Oct 13 8:52am
        migration is bigger this year. My cats are so late.
        • MonarchsKit and Max, Sat Oct 13 4:18pm
          There have been lots of monarchs down on Cape May this year. Even with the awful weather. Happily, they are easier to get close to than birds! Jackie, may I ask, how do your cats figure into this?
          • Love your photography. By cats Ijackie&duke&delilah, Sat Oct 13 5:58pm
            mean caterpillars. Have 10 that still have not come out of their chrysalis.
            • Of course!Kit and Max, Sun Oct 14 11:06am
              Sometimes I'm not so quick on the pick-up!
    • That IS a coincidenI am always haooy id I se. I had no idea.Soogee and Wally, Fri Oct 12 12:12am
      Somehow I often do things like that. From the time I met Mort we have often had this unseen connection. The problem is, we do not know who is sending thoughts and who is receiving. Quite often it... more
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