So awesome to see Frosty in the heading!
Mon Nov 5, 2018 2:58pm

Thank you for showing off the Mighty Frosty in the heading. She has turned into such a pretty young dog.

    • She is such a cutie!Anne-Marie +Mira, Wed Nov 7 10:33am
      Amazing how she has changed colours. She looks like she is enjoying having a little sister to play with. I am sure Barney appreciates that too :0 Mira is now 45 lbs but seems to have stabilized. I... more
      • Frosty is SD&B, Wed Nov 7 10:13pm
        24.8 pounds today on our home scale. So give or take about a half pound. She's gained a pound or so in the last month. I would love it if she stopped soon, but she could put on as much as 10 pounds.... more
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