would like to share a beautiful picture of Joey
Wed Dec 5, 2018 11:54am

it is still difficult to get a good picture of him. Only outside when the light is good. And he has a problem with looking into the camera. But I have figured out, he has a short attention span because there is so much stuff to sniff and to chase :-)
But this is a great photo. I love this little guy!

    • SO CUTE!!! (nm)vicki zoe zinc zed zemo zinnia zailey, Sat Dec 8 4:15pm
    • He is darling! My Maxwell is also hardLinda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Thu Dec 6 8:36pm
      to photograph. He looks away from the camera, and is high energy, easily distractible. Most are blurry.
    • He's super-cuteKit and Max, Thu Dec 6 7:28pm
      It's hard to take pictures of Max, also. The best pictures are outside on a kind of gray day. But if you want an inside picture, bounce your flash of the ceiling. That works pretty well. Joey is a... more
    • He's a cutie !!! (nm)Peggy(Rocky), Thu Dec 6 6:09pm
    • This IS a great shot. And I canSoogee and Wally, Thu Dec 6 3:03am
      see your reflection in his eyes :o)) Smile, Vera.
    • Love big beautiful brown eyes SD&B, Wed Dec 5 6:00pm
      with a gorgeous squishy black nose. Reminds me very much of Barney. You're right. It's a great pic.
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