Soog birthday go by and Wally
I am glad you enjoyed them. I just
Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:44am

can't let your birthday go unnoticed. I am only sorry that they couldn't get my order out on time. They seem to have their own time schedule. I think they were over ordered and just could not get to all their ordered. I am one of those strange people who like being on time. Being late causes me stress. Well, slightly belated Birthday to you and may you catch up to the rest of your birthday trip around the sun :o))

  • Soogee I received my delicious box of cookies andPeggy (Rocky), Thu Jan 10 8:21am
    I can't thank you enough. They were great and my husband really enjoyed them last night with a big glass of milk. Thank you again my friend.
    • I am glad you enjoyed them. I just — Soog birthday go by and Wally, Fri Jan 11 4:44am
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