Nancy, Dais & Lily's Mom
Re: RIP Euro
Mon Jan 14, 2019 3:54am

I don't check in very often and wasn't sure why I was called to do so today until I saw your post about Euro. Such sad news. Hold onto all your wonderful memories. I dread the time when I no longer have my girls. These wonderful dogs are such a huge part of all of our lives.

  • RIP EuroMadonna and Euro, Fri Jan 4 8:14am
    This past Wednesday I had to say goodbye to my Euro. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make and my heart is broken. I took yesterday and today off of work because I canít stop crying. He is... more
    • so sorryKay, Sun Jan 20 1:47pm
      HI Madonna, I am so sorry to hear about Euro, and I know what a wonderful life you gave him and how much you loved him. Maybe he can find Misha up there at the Rainbow Ridge and they can romp again!... more
    • Re: RIP Euro — Nancy, Dais & Lily's Mom, Mon Jan 14 3:54am
    • RIP EuroPhyllis/Shalom, Fri Jan 11 12:11am
      So very sorry to read this message, Madonna. It's always heartbreaking when we have to say farewell to one of our pups. Sending hugs across the ether to you. I'm sure Quintzy and all the other... more
    • Oh so sorry to hear this. Our doodles areLinda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Thu Jan 10 3:43pm
      special, and not replaceable. Sending hugs to you. It does have to happen, but we all hope we have years ahead before it happens.
    • I am so sad to hear this.Cindy Raider & Oakleys Autumn, Mon Jan 7 6:34am
      My heart breaks for your family after reading this. We also just lost our Oakley after almost 14 years.
    • So very sorry for your loss. Karina, Evie and Dusty , Mon Jan 7 12:42am
      I only check into the zoo occasionally now but remember Euro well. Be comforted by the memories you have of 13 wonderful years together. Hugs to you. xx
    • This is a heart-breaker, MadonnaLuxyR(Ozzie's Mom), Sun Jan 6 10:23am
      I, too, remember the day you got Euro. Even more vivid in my mind is that wonderful picture, I recall it was Euro, of the two of you in the pool at that moment of supreme trust and bonding You are so ... more
    • So very sorry!Susan, Milo & Sloan, Sun Jan 6 7:35am
      I am still missing Marlow 9 months later. These dogs leave a hole in our heart when they leave us! My thoughts are with you! Susan
    • I am so sorryKit and Max, Sat Jan 5 10:56pm
      You and Euro were among the first to welcome me when I first followed Travis to the Zoo. I am so sorry to hear that Euro's gone. I wouldn't doubt that you would make the best decision for him,... more
    • Madonna, my heart breaks for you reading this news.Marcelle, Rocco & Dino, Sat Jan 5 10:41am
      I want to believe in the Rainbow Bridge where Euro has been welcomed by Luigi and all the other pups that have gone before- but the loss is still strong for us humans. Take time to help your heart. I ... more
    • Such sadness. I was so hopingSoogee and Wally, Sat Jan 5 2:38am
      that the loss of our doodles was over for a while. The sadness that had overcome this sanctuary for Doodles has made us, all Doodle owners, join invisible hands across the miles and give strength to... more
    • I am so sorry.SD&B, Sat Jan 5 2:00am
      It is so heart breaking to lose your beloved doodle. Even though you did what was best for Euro, it still hurts. You're right in that we were blessed to have this time with these extraordinary dogs.... more
    • Madonna, I am so sorry.Kelly, Mac nd Roni, Sat Jan 5 12:52am
      It is so very hard to let them go, but it is our last act of love to release them from their pain. He had a world full of love with you.
    • Oh Madonna I am so sorry to hear yourEllen & Remy, Fri Jan 4 5:38pm
      sad news about Euro. I remember like yesterday when you got Euro. Remy is 13 almost 14 and although in good health I know the days with her are shorter than longer. It is heartbreaking to lose a... more
    • Madonna I'm so sorry for your loss. People don'tPeggy(Rocky), Fri Jan 4 2:44pm
      realize how hard it is to have our dogs leave us. You've been so lucky to have him 13 years. That is a real blessing. So many of our doodles are not living that long. RIP Euro !!!
    • I am so sorry you lost your Heart Dog.jackie&duke&delilah, Fri Jan 4 1:56pm
      A lot of us on the Zoo have dogs around the same age. We hug and kiss them everytime we walk by. Nothing can heal our heart but time. Hugs from 12 year old Duke and me.
    • So sad to hear this news. Anita, Fri Jan 4 10:32am
      Sorry for your loss. I know how much he meant to you. Jake will be 14 May 5th. I dread the day I lose him. You and Euro had many good days and adventures. I am sure you will be able to remember them... more
    • Yes, of ourselves I remember the Euros. Swarl, Fri Jan 4 9:13am
      Iím so sorry he is gone. These dogs mark eras in our lives. It is so hard to say goodbye. My memories of my dogs are of blocks of time when they were with us. Our wonderful border collie was with us... more
      • Swarl, sorry to reach you throughSoogee and Wally, Sun Jan 6 1:54am
        this post but....Why do I not have your info in my files? This is unacceptable. Your name has popped up so many times and I have become aware that you are standing outside the window looking in. I... more
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