Kate and her "Y" Girls
I'm so sorry Lucy and I understand. I haven't
Wed Feb 6, 2019 10:39pm

taken Yarra to the groomer in about 2 years because she doesn't want to stand on the table either. As you remember, her coat is wavy fleece and they scissor cut her. So now, I brush her out while we're on the floor with a movie on and cut half of her with my scissors and the next day do the other half. The third day I do Poodle feet and nails. Its not stressful and it gets the job done as good as I am able. Fortunately I have some good equipment.
Yindi had been going and went a few weeks ago. Her coat is more like Ozzie's and they use the snap on combs. She came home and started licking her side during the night and the next day but all I could see was wet, stiff coat. Finally I wet the area and looked and thought she had a hot spot. I took her to the vet knowing they would shave the area and vet said she had either a cut or a scratch. So it was ointment and antibiotics. I can't say for sure that the groomer cut her but I am going to be practicing with my snap on combs and try to do my best on her. I just don't want to take her back nor get another groomer.
Is it possible to find a groomer who would come to your house and groom Ozzie or perhaps you could do it yourself where he's comfortable at home and you can take your time.
It is so hard to see our babies get old and we go back a decade or so. I hope you can find a solution and I know he nor Yindi will care how their coats look. Good Luck, Kate

  • Grooming elderly dogsLucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Wed Jan 30 3:18pm
    My heart is breaking over this.We have been "fired" by our second groomer! She was very nice but said that Ozzie is so fragile that she doesn't feel comfortable grooming him again. His back legs are... more
    • Re: Grooming elderly dogsPJ, Blue and Casey, Tue Mar 19 8:05pm
      Blue and I are in a very similar spot as you and Ozzie. She has very bad hip displasia on the right rear leg and something on her spine...she is knuckling under when tries to walk and can not get up... more
    • :( I know Kirby has to be clipped lying down now asJennifer and Kirby, Fri Mar 15 3:12pm
      he can't stand up and take that pressure now, either. We do it at home, though, so we can take as long as we want and he can just lie there...it's hard watching them get old!
    • I'm so sorry Lucy and I understand. I haven't — Kate and her "Y" Girls, Wed Feb 6 10:39pm
      • Re: I'm so sorry Lucy and I understand. I haven'tAnonymous, Wed Feb 6 10:47pm
        Thanks Kate. What kind of clippers do you have? I am inclined to do him myself. I have a friend who has offered to help me. So maybe that's the way to go. I hate this getting old business. But Ozzie... more
        • I use Andis AGCL (L indicates it's lighted).Kate and her "Y" Girls, Fri Feb 8 5:26pm
          For Yindi I'll try the Andis snap on combs on a 10 ceramic blade. I use that blade to do Yarra's Poodle feet. Yarra's arthritis is in her hips but she can still run around but I watch her carefully... more
    • We were lucky with our groomerKelly, Mac and Roni, Sat Feb 2 10:59pm
      Our groomer always scheduled Mac when her assistant was also available. Mac could not sit for his last 2 years. It was either stand or lie down. They did what they needed to do standing and then they ... more
    • I know how hard it is. I have two 14 yearvicki zoe zinc zed zemo zinnia zailey, Sat Feb 2 7:39pm
      olds.Lucky only Zoe needs to be groomed and my groomer is so great. She has quite a few older ones and she lets them lay down as she works on them. She also has me help her get her in and out of the... more
    • Ozzie will let you know when it is his time.Peggy(Rocky), Fri Feb 1 5:51pm
      It is so heartbreaking to let go but he is still eating and drinking so that's a good sign. I just hope when his pain gets to be to much St. Frances will take him.
    • Grooming is hard on the old guys. I read in another post that you have some friends who can maybe help out. That might be better for Ozzie anyway. He probably needs a slow groom with rest breaks.
    • Can you find a groomer that will do him lying down?Karina, Evie and Dusty , Wed Jan 30 11:47pm
      Iíve always groomed my own dogs and always do them lying down. Iím not fussy if they donít look perfect when Iím finished. When Colby was in his last few months I used to clipper him while he lay on... more
    • Yes that is heartbreaking.Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Wed Jan 30 8:32pm
      And yet you still have him to love and care for. It isn't easy any way it happens for our beautiful doodles to get old. I wonder if you would hold him on your lap, if they would be willing to trim... more
      • They pretty much made their message clear..LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Wed Jan 30 8:45pm
        subtext....time is money and it takes too much time to groom older dogs. My friend who was his trainer has offered to come by and give him a trim. Another friend has talked to her groomer and they... more
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