Re: I'm so sorry Lucy and I understand. I haven't
Wed Feb 6, 2019 10:47pm

Thanks Kate. What kind of clippers do you have? I am inclined to do him myself. I have a friend who has offered to help me. So maybe that's the way to go. I hate this getting old business. But Ozzie is holding up pretty well except for the damn arthritis in his back! He is on Galliprant/gabapentin and it does seem to help. He still wants to play and flings his Wubba around all over the house! He and Wubba have a very animated conversation most mornings!

  • I'm so sorry Lucy and I understand. I haven'tKate and her "Y" Girls, Wed Feb 6 10:39pm
    taken Yarra to the groomer in about 2 years because she doesn't want to stand on the table either. As you remember, her coat is wavy fleece and they scissor cut her. So now, I brush her out while... more
    • Re: I'm so sorry Lucy and I understand. I haven't — Anonymous, Wed Feb 6 10:47pm
      • I use Andis AGCL (L indicates it's lighted).Kate and her "Y" Girls, Fri Feb 8 5:26pm
        For Yindi I'll try the Andis snap on combs on a 10 ceramic blade. I use that blade to do Yarra's Poodle feet. Yarra's arthritis is in her hips but she can still run around but I watch her carefully... more
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