I use Andis AGCL (L indicates it's lighted).
Fri Feb 8, 2019 5:26pm

For Yindi I'll try the Andis snap on combs on a 10 ceramic blade. I use that blade to do Yarra's Poodle feet. Yarra's arthritis is in her hips but she can still run around but I watch her carefully as Yindi is like a bull and crashes into her and it makes me sad. I also have an ancient Andis 1" cordless lighted which they no longer make and it's about 10 years old and I love it. I can do their paws (final trimming) and inside ear flaps. For Yarra's coat I grab sections, damp, and use my Geib shears and eyeball it and feather areas with Geib blending shears.
I started giving Yarra Tumeric and noticed instead of 'walk-pooping", she'll squat in one spot.
I'm glad you have someone to help you and if I were closer, I'd help too. I will be saving a lot of money not taking them to the groomer. I started doing it when Randy got ill as I didn't have time. They did such a great job, I kept it up until Yindi got 'cut'. I'm just done. So she'll be my practice Doodle. lol.
Hugs from all of use to you and Oz-Man

PS...I hate this getting old stuff too. My Oregon son has been doing Crossfit for almost 2 years and I"m amazed with the results. Bless his heart, he researched and found a womens gym here, talked to them, then flew down here and took me to take my first class and I'm hooked. They are small classes, geared to what YOU can do.
Does Ozzie do any PT? We did for a while and I exercise/massage her back end every couple days and if it's really cold, I put a heating pad on her and she loves it.

  • Re: I'm so sorry Lucy and I understand. I haven'tAnonymous, Wed Feb 6 10:47pm
    Thanks Kate. What kind of clippers do you have? I am inclined to do him myself. I have a friend who has offered to help me. So maybe that's the way to go. I hate this getting old business. But Ozzie... more
    • I use Andis AGCL (L indicates it's lighted). — Kate and her "Y" Girls, Fri Feb 8 5:26pm
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