Just dropping in to say hello and can't wait
Sat Mar 2, 2019 6:18am

until spring!!!

    • Me too!SD&B, Sat Mar 2 5:59pm
      It's coming. I found tiny wildflowers blooming today.
      • Record ColdAnita , Mon Mar 4 1:12pm
        We are having 60 year record lows today!! :(( School out due to cold not roads.
        • I saw that! Hope you are staying warm!Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Mon Mar 4 4:42pm
          So many major weather events. And your tornadoes went south and left you alone! A friend of mine from so. cal. moved to Tulsa,and was worrying about her horses staying warm enough in the cold. Horse... more
        • That is awful! (nm)SD&B, Mon Mar 4 3:18pm
    • couldn't agree more!Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Sat Mar 2 2:06pm
      We are expecting dip into colder weather this coming week, along with SNOW!!!
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