Oh, I love that picture of Barney.
Mon Mar 4, 2019 4:35pm

He would not move until he got a treat, lol.

    • Love the picture! (nm)Mitzi, Rowley & Sawyer(rip), Thu Mar 7 7:01pm
    • Me too! He looks adorable!! (nm)Lori & The Two Hound Train, Tue Mar 5 6:57am
    • tell me about his jacket. How many legs are covered?Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Mon Mar 4 4:49pm
      what about his belly?
      • Always glad to see Barney!!! (nm)Peggy(Rocky), Tue Mar 5 6:13am
      • It covers 4 legs.SD&B, Mon Mar 4 6:28pm
        It is a Touchdog coat Quantum Ice with Black Shark technology. It works very well. It covers most of the body, but they can still go to the bathroom. Barney and Sundog wear the large size. We like it ... more
        • I'm tempted....Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Mon Mar 4 11:37pm
          DH bought Max a coat just last month, but it doesn't cover nearly as much as Barney's does. Max is now 30 pounds, so likely about the same size needed as for Barney. Max has a longer body and shorter ... more
          • Barney wears a large.SD&B, Mon Mar 4 11:58pm
            Barney has a 20" back (base of neck to base of tail). A 24 inch chest girth. Stands 17.5 inches at the shoulders. It sounds like Max would wear the same size as Barney. I hope that helps. Barney is... more
    • Agreed! He is so cute in that photo!Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Mon Mar 4 4:43pm
      Imagine a dog who won't move until he gets a treat! What a luxury.
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