Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio
I saw that! Hope you are staying warm!
Mon Mar 4, 2019 4:42pm

So many major weather events. And your tornadoes went south and left you alone!

A friend of mine from so. cal. moved to Tulsa,and was worrying about her horses staying warm enough in the cold. Horse blankets and a partial shelter. Can't bring them in the house like the fur babies ...
Also it seems that Melania Trump was going to visit a school in Tulsa today but they had to cancel due to the cold. It had not been generally announced but the teachers at the school had been notified.

Here in Ohio we sometimes get school called off due to cold without major snow. Our town is small and children mostly walk to school, so exposure is an issue. Sometimes our schools are open when there IS snow since we don't have school buses to get stuck on the roads. Everyone walking! So it works both ways.


  • Record ColdAnita , Mon Mar 4 1:12pm
    We are having 60 year record lows today!! :(( School out due to cold not roads.
    • I saw that! Hope you are staying warm! — Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Mon Mar 4 4:42pm
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