Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio
Working on mats in Maxwell's ears
Mon Mar 4, 2019 4:47pm

Dang! It is so hard to grow this boy's hair longer than 3/4 of an inch. He gets bad mats and has to be shorn.

As he is growing out from this last shear, his ears have had some bad mats. I've remembered the lessons from the old videos by Beverly, and have tried cutting vertically into his mats. But they reappear so quickly. I took a packed cup of hair off his years yesterday and still didn't get them all.

One problem may be that when he goes to play with other dogs, they do a lot of the face biting stuff. I'm wondering if that helps get him matted.

It has been suggested I use a straight comb rather than brushes. I have more brushes than combs, but do have 2 combs.

What do others do?

    • You need a Les Poochs brush! I have had my Lisa Reagan and Palmer, Tue Mar 5 8:46am
      green Les Poochs brush for 11 or 12 years and nothing has ever worked better! I bought mine on their website and you can also buy them on Doodle Country. Mine is the narrow one since it fits better... more
    • My recipe for mats is rotating tooth comb,Lori & The Two Hound Train, Tue Mar 5 6:55am
      thinning shears, and sometimes a Les Poochs brush (although I don't like the brush for delicate areas like ears). My groomer also recommends using corn starch to work into and loosen the mat. And... more
    • I call those "love knots".SD&B, Mon Mar 4 7:37pm
      It does work to cut vertically through them. Thinning shears do a good job on them. You can cut horizontally with thinning shears, being careful to avoid skin. You use the comb after brushing. The... more
      • what brand of shears do you use? Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Tue Mar 5 12:08am
        I'm still using the ones I bought years ago from those two guys who lived in.... Indiana? and sold through advertising on RM. I like my curved blades though they may need sharpening now. Never got... more
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