Lori & The Two Hound Train
My recipe for mats is rotating tooth comb,
Tue Mar 5, 2019 6:55am

thinning shears, and sometimes a Les Poochs brush (although I don't like the brush for delicate areas like ears). My groomer also recommends using corn starch to work into and loosen the mat. And since he loves to play bitey-face, combing his ears more regularly would help.

Wilson's ears (and tail) mat first. I think because he is so animated and he has a teapot tail that rubs, so I regularly comb through just those areas. I also keep his ears cut to the leather along the bottom and layered, rather than long, on the flap. That helps a ton.

  • Working on mats in Maxwell's earsLinda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Mon Mar 4 4:47pm
    Dang! It is so hard to grow this boy's hair longer than 3/4 of an inch. He gets bad mats and has to be shorn. As he is growing out from this last shear, his ears have had some bad mats. I've... more
    • You need a Les Poochs brush! I have had my Lisa Reagan and Palmer, Tue Mar 5 8:46am
      green Les Poochs brush for 11 or 12 years and nothing has ever worked better! I bought mine on their website and you can also buy them on Doodle Country. Mine is the narrow one since it fits better... more
    • My recipe for mats is rotating tooth comb, — Lori & The Two Hound Train, Tue Mar 5 6:55am
    • I call those "love knots".SD&B, Mon Mar 4 7:37pm
      It does work to cut vertically through them. Thinning shears do a good job on them. You can cut horizontally with thinning shears, being careful to avoid skin. You use the comb after brushing. The... more
      • what brand of shears do you use? Linda P and Maxwell in Ohio, Tue Mar 5 12:08am
        I'm still using the ones I bought years ago from those two guys who lived in.... Indiana? and sold through advertising on RM. I like my curved blades though they may need sharpening now. Never got... more
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