Bonnie,Buddy and Charley
Senior dogs and CBD oil
Tue Mar 5, 2019 12:09pm

We haven’t visited here in years, but I’m happy to see many familiar faces and sad to learn so many old friends are gone. DoodleZoo helped us so much when we were deciding to get a puppy years ago. Our Buddy (from Doodlesville) will be 13 in May. For several years he has been struggling with arthritis. He has acupuncture and adequan injections every 2 weeks and takes 2 Rimadyl daily. This kept him fairly mobile up until a few months ago when he had deteriorated to the point of only walking very short distances, struggling to stand long enough to be groomed, and, most upsetting, having very labored breathing whenever he exerted himself. As a last resort we began giving him CBD oil. This has been a miracle drug for him. His breathing is no longer labored and he surprises us each day with the distance he chooses to walk (We have a cart for him and he lets us know when he wants to get out to sniff and walk and when he is tired and wants to ride.)
We use ElleVet “mobility oil” 1,500 strength which we get from our vet. Buddy is about 75 pounds and we give him a full dropper under his tongue twice a day. I hope our experience may help others who are lucky enough to love an older dog.

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