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MAx plus a hads up
Sun Mar 17, 2019 4:54pm

Hi, All
I know I don't post much, but I have become a lurker. Just a lot going on, and no time for anything, it seems like. I'll do a news update when I have some, but meantime, something came up that I thought you all might be interested in regarding food and health.
(If someone's already posted it, apologies to you all.)
My vet says, and I quote from her report on Max,
"The most current research shows that some dogs fed a grain free diet may develop a life-threatening heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). At this time, it's unknown why some dogs fed a grain free diet may develop DCM. There is speculation that certain grain free foods may lack taurine, an essential amino acid necessary for the heart muscle to pump effectively."
She goes on to say that researchers at Cornell and Davis vet schools are scrambling to figure this out. She described DCM to me at our appointment as a flabby heart that can't pump properly, while warning me that's an over-simplification.
She really only recommends 4 brands of dog food because they have actual vets contributing to their nutritional formulas. She also says that dogs are not carnivores but omnivores who, except in cases of allergy or specific sensitivity, have no problems digesting grain in the form they get it in dog food. She changed Max to a meat and rice diet because he's been having a few GI tract issues lately. So far, the change hasn't made any difference; but we'll be patient for a couple of weeks before we discuss it farther with her.
Anyway, I thought that might interest you. And just for fun, here's a picture of Max on our walk in the park today.

Max on a walk in the park

    • Ahh, there's that sweet boy! I have read and researchedvicki zoe zinc zed zemo zinnia zailey, Mon Mar 25 11:09am
      taurine after seeing the article. Taurine is found in raw meat, so I'm not worried with their raw diets. Dogs can also product taurine naturally in their bodies. Cats cannot. A grain filled kibble... more
      • Great to see you!Kit and Max, Sun Mar 31 11:57am
        My arm is doing fine. He's doing better. I have a suspicion that his goopy poops may have been caused by chewing antler. I have to run it by the vet. But I took him off everything but his food, and... more
    • Hi Max!Shelley - Willow Grace, Wed Mar 20 1:46pm
      We just got an email from our vet about the same subject, DCM. Willow had her annual appointment yesterday and we had her tested and she shows no problems. She was on grain free food for about a year ... more
      • My vet had me mix themKit and Max, Wed Mar 20 6:35pm
        so that the change-over wouldn't be sudden. Max is currently getting about half and half, but will be altogether on the ProPaln by next month, according to the vet's instructions.
    • Re: MAx plus a hads upPJ, Blue and Casey, Tue Mar 19 7:54pm
      Hi Kit and Everyone! I too have become a lurker. Casey and Duncan are fabulous, sadly Blue had had some health problems so I am just loving her everyday. Anyway. Kit, please tell me which 4 foods... more
      • 4 brandsKit and Max, Wed Mar 20 6:34pm
        According to my vet, only four brands of dog food "have board certified veterinary nutritionists ... and also the only companies that publish scientific data and do long-term feeding trials on their... more
        • Our vet also recommended ProPlansher(MadMacMar), Mon Apr 1 7:49am
          He just lost his Goldendoodle who lived well for 14 years on Purina ProPlan. We havenít tried it yet but itís next up for our Marley.
    • Hi, Max! Love me a black doodle!!!SD&B, Sun Mar 17 6:27pm
      The DCM issue is something good to keep on our radars. At this time, I don't think we're really sure of the hows or whys, so watching is a good thing. I'm hoping there are more studies by now,... more
      • Yup, he's on probiotics nowKit and Max, Sun Mar 17 7:59pm
        That's one of the things I like about my new vet. She didn't knee-jerk to antibiotics. She switched up his food and put him on a combination of probiotics and pumpkin. My former vet retired to the SW ... more
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