Kit and Max
4 brands
Wed Mar 20, 2019 6:34pm

According to my vet, only four brands of dog food "have board certified veterinary nutritionists ... and also the only companies that publish scientific data and do long-term feeding trials on their foods .. Royal Canin, Purina ProPlan (not Beneful), Science Diet, and Iams/Eukanuba."

That's a direct quote, shortened a bit, from her summary for Max's visit. She changed him to ProPlan sensitive skin and stomach diet along with a pro-biotic, Proviable.

  • Re: MAx plus a hads upPJ, Blue and Casey, Tue Mar 19 7:54pm
    Hi Kit and Everyone! I too have become a lurker. Casey and Duncan are fabulous, sadly Blue had had some health problems so I am just loving her everyday. Anyway. Kit, please tell me which 4 foods... more
    • 4 brands — Kit and Max, Wed Mar 20 6:34pm
      • Our vet also recommended ProPlansher(MadMacMar), Mon Apr 1 7:49am
        He just lost his Goldendoodle who lived well for 14 years on Purina ProPlan. We havenít tried it yet but itís next up for our Marley.
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